Thursday 2nd July 2015

Brimhay Planning Approved - Community Lead Housing Project in Moreleigh to start in next few weeks.

Press Release from South Devon Rural Housing Association


South Hams District Council today ( 1st July2015) gave conditional planning consent to our development at Brimhay, Dartington.  We look forward to redeveloping the site as soon as we are able, although there is much work still to do.  Despite the fact we have achieved planning consent, we are very aware of local objections to our plans.  Although we have limited time constraints, we will be considering if there are any modifications we can make to our plans which could meet some of the ideas generated through the planning process.  However, our core objectives of keeping tenants on Brimhay through the development and a minimum of 12 affordable homes, (excluding the Supported Living units) remains.  We look forward to improving the living conditions of our tenants as soon as possible.

Item 2.

An entirely community lead affordable housing development in Moreleigh is soon to start on site. 

After around 7 years of planning, by a local builder, landowner and local community, four much needed affordable homes for rent and eight discounted homes for sale to local people, will soon start on site in Moreleigh.  With the help, support and advice given by South Devon Rural Housing Association (SDR) and a lead taken by the Parish Council of Halwell and Moreleigh, this innovative community project, resulted in the approval of planning permission for 12 homes for locally connected people in August 2013. 

Throughout the consultation period, planners made needed changes and a considerable number of conditions were placed on the development site, which is opposite the Village Hall.  It’s has taken nearly  two years for all concerned to work through the list of South Hams District Council planning conditions.  One requirement was to form a company to deliver and manage the ecology of the site in perpetuity.  SDR commissioned an Ecology Management Plan and undertook to manage the plan for the benefit of the scheme.  CEO Steve Prime said ‘It shows what can be achieved when the community comes together to make things happen.’

‘Although this has taken a long time to deliver, it was entirely driven by a local builder initially, who asked SDR for help and advice to deliver much needed homes for local people.  The Parish Council were on board from day one and quickly opened a book of interest to register names of those in the Parish who would be interested in buying or renting at affordable levels.’ 

It is hoped the first homes for rent will be available in about 6 months with the discounted sale homes following on soon after.


For further information on either of these items contact Steve Prime in the first instance 01803863550.