Thursday 26th November 2015



Open the App and click on Devon 



Enter your Applicant ID and Password (9 digit PIN number) and click Login

Selecting ‘Remember Me’ will mean that you do not need to login when you re-open the App.



From the initial screen you can choose to view properties or check on the progress of bids you have made.

The information at the bottom of the screen shows:

  • The status of your application (Registered means you can bid for homes).
  • The size of home you have been assessed as needing.
  • The no. of people in your household (bed spaces).
  • Your Band.
  • Your Band start date. 


Viewing and Searching for Properties

The first time you login and click on 'See All Properties' you will see that all properties that match the size of home you have been assessed as needing.

  • 10 Properties are initially shown.
  • Click on 'Load more' at the bottom of the screen to view more Properties.

Click on 'Options' to search for particular types of property, or those in a particular area. Ticking 'Show Eligible Only' will only show those homes that you are eligible to bid for.
  • Any search options will be remembered. This means that you don't need to set the search options each time you use the App.
  • Click 'Done' to see Properties that match your search.
  • Note: Devon Home Choice only uses the following build types: Bedsit, Bungalow, Flat, House or Maisonette.
  • Click on a Property to see the full details.
  • Click 'Google Maps' logo to view the Property on a map. Pinch the map to zoom in or out.
  • Click 'Place Bid' to bid for the Property.
  • A message will be displayed to confirm your bid has been placed.
You can check the progress of your bid by clicking on 'My Bids' from the initial screen.  
  • Current Bids - bids on homes that are still being advertised.
  • Shortlisted Bids - details of Properties that you are being considered for.
  • Offered to Others - the Property has been offered to someone else, but not let yet.
  • Under Review - the landlord has not yet updated these properties.
  • Declined - Properties where you have declined an offer, or been declined by a Landlord.
  • Previous Bids - Properties that have been let to someone else.