Tuesday 1st December 2015

Green Age Technology on SDRHA Houses

  ‘Steve Prime, CEO of SDR said, I am delighted that TRESOC have won this prestigious award.  Our motivation was to help our tenants to have lower electricity bills now, rather than wait years for SDR to fund its own PV projects and to make a positive contribution to reduce Co2 emissions.  Most of SDR’s properties which are capable of having PV panels fitted, have now been fitted with PV and those tenants will be benefitting from lower electricity bills for many years to come’


Tresoc is the winner of the RegenSW’s 2015 South West Green Energy Award for the Best Community Initiative.  “As judges, we are impressed by the dedication and achievements of community led energy initiatives, an area showing substantial growth and momentum across the country and particularly here in the South West. This is an ambitious movement that is increasingly showing it can deliver.  The year’s winner has an excellent balance of community engagement with local residents and has developed an innovative partnership model with a housing association and local installer