STAR Survey

In 2015 SDRHA commissioned Acuity to carry out a tenants satisfaction survey similar to the survey carried out in 2013. 125 Tenants responded giving a 49% response rate.

The result from the 2015 STAR survey demonstrated the majority of tenants are highly satisfied with the association. Overall satisfaction with the services provided by SDRHA is high (86%) and reflects the high ratings awarded for the neighbourhood (93%), friendly and approachable staff (91%), quality of the home (89%) value for money of the rent (86%), customer service (84%) and the repairs and maintenance service (83%).

In comparison with the 2013 survey, SDRHA have made positive improvements. SDRHA has a reasonably strong performance when compared with the Small Providers Benchmarking Group Members (SPBM) and those in the South West benchmarking club for general needs tenants. Six out of seven ratings are equal to or above average for all SPBM members, with only satisfaction with listening to views below average.

Although there are a number of positives in this report which is encouraging, there are also areas where SDRHA need to investigate further and continue to make improvements

Please click here to see the  action plan which details how SDRHA will aim to improve services further.