Projects and Case Studies

In the autumn of 2021 we completed construction of 11 new apartments for people with learning difficulties at Brimhay, Dartington.
One of the first residents to move in was Able Sharp, a young man who has overcome the impact of childhood meningitis and septicaemia who wanted to live more independently in his own home.
Below is Able’s story:


Able Sharp takes a giant stride towards more independent living

Able Sharp is aptly named for a young man determined to overcome mobility issues and learning difficulties so he can get a taste of more independent living.

He recently became one of the first residents of SDR’s new ‘stepping stone’ apartments at Elmhirst Court, Dartington.

Able, aged 24, contracted meningitis as a toddler and the infection severely restricted his mobility and ability to learn. He uses an electric wheelchair, plus other mobility aids, and since childhood has lived with his mother, Alex, in another SDR property at nearby Bramble Close.


Alex takes up the story: “As a young child Able used to go past the Brimhay site on his way to nursery school. Little did we know that one day it would be the site of his new home and the key to a much more independent lifestyle. When we heard about the new apartments, Able was one of the first to apply.

“It’s great that he’s been able to find a home where he can have his own space, yet within the friendly community where he grew up and where he knows so many people. He loves his new flat, which has a spare room for a support worker to sleep in if they need to stay overnight. He’s met other residents and has several new friends already”.

Since September, when Able moved in, Alex has been working with Devon County Council to make changes to the ground floor flat that will improve accessibility and ease some of the everyday tasks like washing, cooking and personal hygiene.


She said Able is proud of his new apartment, where he’s comfortable and can spend quality time with his fiancée Leanne, who is the “love of his life”. The couple, who met at South Devon College, are cooking meals together and planning outings in Able’s mobility car.
Alex added: “Able already feels completely at home in his new flat. Each day, with the help of his fantastic support workers, he's gaining the skills that will ensure he has a healthy, independent future. It's what every parent hopes for and I can begin to step back, confident that he's thriving. I couldn't wish for a safer, more friendly and supportive environment for Able to live in the heart of the village we both love”.

Asked to sum up her view of the 11 new apartments at Elmhirst Court, Alex said: “It’s a real gift to the community”.