Friday 12th November 2021

Cream of Cornish: New homes at Ruan Minor

 We were delighted to meet and sign up new tenancies for six excited local families at the latest affordable housing development in Ruan Minor on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall.

The new homes, at a beautiful location on the edge of the village at Plain-an-Gwarry, Ebenezer Road, comprise two houses and four apartments, managed and maintained by SDR by way of a management contract.

They are the fruits of a community-led affordable housing project for local families in need of homes by Grade Ruan Community Land Trust and delivered in partnership with Cornwall Community Land Trust.

The homes have been constructed to a high standard by Cathedral Builders of Cornwall, whilst Cornwall Community Land Trust has received capital grant support from Cornwall Council and Cornwall Community Foundation.

Our picture shows the completed homes as finishing touches were made to landscaping at the roadside.