Tuesday 29th January 2019

SDR's Answer to Brimhay Objectors

 South Devon Rural Housing Association (SDR) and its partners strongly refute any suggestion that unsafe demolition or building practices are occurring on the new development at Brimhay, Dartington. The works are not putting anyone at risk either on or around the site. Such claims are unfounded and vexatious, following an all too familiar pattern, as objectors continue seeking to stigmatise our legitimate development of this site.
Our main contractor, Coyde Construction, has worked with SDR for many years and is fully competent to deliver the redevelopment of the Brimhay site to the required high standards. Gilpin Demolition Group, licensed by the Health and Safety Executive, has been appointed as sub-contractor to deal with safe removal of asbestos containing materials and the demolition works. Both are local companies with over 30 years’ experience and are regarded as specialists in their field.
Asbestos removal is being carried out on a phased basis, the material is dampened by misting and removed from each section by hand before any demolition is undertaken. The resulting waste is disposed of at licensed waste disposal facilities in accordance with best practice. This process is being carefully repeated for each building or section as per HSE guidance. Air quality is being monitored as standard best practice to ensure compliance with procedures and maintaining a safe environment.
There are substantial community benefits from this development, which will provide 12 affordable homes, as well as 8 independent living apartments for people with learning disabilities. This will enhance the wider Dartington and South Hams community for many years to come, providing much-needed new high quality affordable housing and local employment.
Steve Prime
Chief Executive