28th March 2024

Spring issue of your newsletter is out now

The Spring issue of your regular newsletter has been published and paper copies have been mailed to all our customers. You can also read or download a copy HERE

This newsletter will inform you about all the latest developments up to the completion of our merger with Places for People Group on 20 March. This includes around four pages of answers to the questions that some of you asked during our seven-week consultation exercise earlier this year. These are also available online.

20th March 2024

SDR merger with Places for People Group now complete

 SDR completed its merger with the Places for People Group * today (20 March, 2024) after receiving regulator approval. 

The merger, which will open up opportunities for greater investment in affordable homes in South Devon, was initially given approval by SDR shareholders in early February. There followed a slight delay whilst compliance was confirmed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
With that approval confirmed, SDR is now officially a subsidiary of Places for People and both partners can start working towards full integration later this year.